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Who We Are

Africa Dream Project is a humanitarian organization dedicated to empowering lives and eliminating poverty through non-profit service programs that utilize individuals' skills and passions. Our team consists of volunteers in Kenya and in the United States.

ADP lunch program for Kibera orphans. Summer 2007.


Who We Serve

Kibera Slum, Kenya: About a million people inside 600 acres. Few government services. Water is scarce. No sewer system. Disease. Extreme Poverty. Here we partner with Kenyans to serve the impoverished. We seek to serve the most vulnerable children and women - orphans and widows.

Kibera Slum, Kenya.


How We Serve

Our mission: To empower children with a world-class education through the construction  of their first International Baccalaureate high school, collaborate with universities around the world, and equip Kibera's next generation of leaders; & To empower women with micro-enterprise programs. In doing so, we help to eliminate poverty by confronting its sources.

Bringing hope to children.


Why We Serve

Our vision: To witness Kibera transform into a healthy community. This is a dream we share with the children of Kibera. We are realizing this vision each day, as children are educated and women engage in small-scale noble business. With every empowered life, not only is Kibera transformed, but our world is profoundly impacted for good.

Dreams of positive change.