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Students are making the difference everyday!

ADP at the University of Southern California

ADP@USC is Africa Dream Project's first university chapter. In this student organization, university students have the opportunity to utilize their skills and passions to transform others' lives in exciting ways each day.

Since its conception in the fall of 2007, ADP@USC has hosted many life-changing events on and off campus. The group serves as a voice for the orphans and widows of Africa and as a beacon for positive change in our local and global communities.

Students from all fileds of study eagerly get involved in this impactful group. Business, marketing, engineering, architecture, media - ADP@USC offers a role to all students interested in being a part of empowering lives.

The ADP@USC student organization is a model that proves students can put to use their education and fervor to tangibly help others around the world.

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