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Easily get started today. Follow two simple steps:

Download the Dream Fundraiser Agreement Form by clicking on the link below:

Dream Fundraiser Agreement Form (PDF)

Complete the form and return

via email to:

or via mail to:

Africa Dream Project

ATTN: Dream Fundraiser

963 Bender Avenue

Covina, CA 91724


Please email us today, if you would like to learn more about how you can be the difference with the Dream Fundraiser.
Please include the following information in your email:

- Your name

- Your group's name

- Any questions or comments you may have

Please send your email to:


Your Group Empowering Lives Today


The Dream Card Fundraiser:

Africa Dream Project helps your team meet your fundraising goal in a 50/50 partnership.  Your team keeps 50% the other 50% goes to the orphans in Kibera.

Who can participate:

Classes, cheerleaders, clubs, families, individuals, small groups, sports teams, youth groups - anyone!

Why the Dream Card Fundraiser:

Your group needs to raise funds. Today, the kids of Kibera need you too. Impact people’s lives here and around the world. Be the difference today!

What You need to do:

- Download, complete, and return the Dream Fundraiser Agreement Form
- Receive your Dream Card Fundraiser Kit
- Fundraise for positive change!

Every cent raised brings the children of Kibera closer to high school education and the chance to reach their dreams.

The more you raise for the children of Kibera, the more you raise for your own world-changing projects. 100% life-changing.

The Dream Card Fundraiser Kit:

Once you have returned the Dream Fundraiser Agreement Form, you will receive your Dream Card Fundraiser Kit. This will include your complete order of Dream Cards and related materials.

  Meet the young visionaries behind the Dream Cards below.
Learn about the dreams of the children in Kibera. Will you empower their dreams today?
Do you want to empower the children of Kibera in a Community Service Project? Click here.