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Learn more about how ADP is living out our mission to empower lives and eliminate poverty through these life-changing projects:

The Orphans' Project

The Widows' Project






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The Orphans' Project

Currently, in Kibera Slum, through the support of people like you, orphans are able to attend primary school (K-8th grade) at our partner school, Spurgeons Academy. Unfortunately, after 8th grade, there is no continuing support for most of the children. They are expected to somehow survive without parents in the brutal slum. Many are engulfed by the negative pressures of the slum.

Learn how Africa Dream Project is using education to help combat this deadly cycle of poverty and empower lives in Kibera.



Empower children with education.



The Widows' Project

Amid the extreme oppression of Kibera slum, a group of 40 widows banded together, determined to find a better way.  Today they make and sell beautiful authentic hand-crafted items.  Now you too can support the widows group and empower women in Kibera through Africa Dream Project.

Learn how Africa Dream Project is using small-scale business to empower women in Kibera. Through the Widows' Project women are combating poverty, leaving prostitution, and starting new lives. Each day this project brings greater hope to the women and children of Kibera. 



Empower women with livelihoods.

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