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Do you want to help empower women directly? Quickly and easily donate to the Widows' Project. Your contribution builds greater support for this life-changing enterprise by adding vital capital into the women's small-scale business.

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The Widows' Project Blog allows you to stay updated on related events and news. Read about ADP supporters promoting the project in our local communities. Stay informed about the project needs as team members post messages from the field in Kibera.

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The Widows' Project Report shows the financial details of the project. Review the summary of the project budget. See the progress and learn of project goals. Our team works to serve as good stewards of donations and act wisely in order to live out the vision for the project. Report available soon.

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The Widows' Project Video brings you into Kibera. Join USC business student, Jake, on the journey. Learn how ADP is translating students' passion and skills into hope for others in our world. Be inspired as lives are empowered through this project.

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Empowering Women with a Healthy, Stable Livelihood

How can I make a difference for the Widows' Project?

It is easy to help the women involved in the Widows' Project. Here are a few ways to help:

Give the gift of empowerment by showing your support at the ADP Store (coming soon).

Contact Us about hosting a Widows' Project fundraiser with your school, church, or group.

Contribute directly to the Widows' Project empowerment fund.



The heart and vision of the women in the Widows' Project is to work diligently in order to provide health, education, & opportunity for their children. Your support brings added hope to the women and their families. Thank you.


Learn more about the ADP Widows' Project.

What is the ADP Widows' Project? How did it start?

Why is small-scale business important in areas of extreme poverty?


What is the ADP Widows' Project? How did it start?

Amid the extreme oppression of living in Kibera Slum, a group of 40 widows banded together to find a positive means of survival. The women formed a support network.  In 2007, Africa Dream Project team members met with the widows' group in Kibera. Realizing the both the need of the women and the possibilities of their micro-enterprise, ADP formed a partnership with the group. Today the women hand-craft items and sell them for income to purchase the necessities to sustain life.

Founder and Director of the group, Willie Omondi, says, "This programme has seen many women withdraw from commercial sex activities to noble income generating activities." Willie, a native Kenyan, has served the people of Kibera for many years. It is her hope to see more women break free from oppressive poverty and live healthier, fuller lives.

Africa Dream Project is privileged to partner with the widows’ group, empowering them further through consulting, financing, and marketing tools needed to promote and sell their products beyond their streets. Our team presents the Widows' Projects at schools, events, conferences, and churches. We work to create and awareness about women in Kibera and garner support.

All proceeds are reinvested to expand this life-changing project. As we continue to partner with the women in Kibera, it's our shared hope that more lives will be transformed. Join us to see more women empowered to find refuge in this healthy, stable livelihood.

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Why is small-scale business important in areas of extreme poverty?

In Kibera Slum, the average income is estimated to be about $1 per day. A family (the average family size is 5) must manage to eat, go to school and/or work, find health care, pay rent, etc. with this meager income. Women, and especially widows, in Kibera face exceptional difficulty in trying to provide for children. When a parent has no livelihood, children often go hungry, are forced to leave school, and die from preventable diseases. However, women, when given the chance, are working to provide for the families. Once equipped with the needed tools and resources, a mother is able to meet the basic demands of life. Through small-scale business, she can provide her children with education, health, and a home environment.

The Widows' Project is especially unique because it consists of many individuals working together for the common good of the group. With proper oversight the women help one another develop the trade and earn income. Imagine: Rent for one home (the home size is 10 feet by 10 feet) in Kibera is approximately $11 per month. On her own, a women would struggle to make this payment. Yet, in the Widows' Group, women work together to pay for rent and other necessities.

Micro-enterprise and micro-finance are becoming more professionally developed in areas of extreme poverty. Organizations like Finca and Kiva are providing much needed financial assistance to the poor.

Through the support of people like you, the poor in the third world are empowered to overcome poverty and live healthily.

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